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Lecce Historical Center Storico ZTL: When Can I Enter by Car

In the charming historic center of Lecce, Italy, navigating through the narrow, baroque streets while maintaining the area’s historical integrity can be challenging. To manage traffic and ensure accessibility, the city has established a system of permits for restricted traffic zones (ZTL) and disabled individuals (CUDE). Here’s a detailed guide on how to apply for and use these permits.

Without permits, the historical center of Lecce is only accessible by car from 10AM – 1pm and 4pm-7pm.

Accessing the Historic Center: The Office of Permits

Residents and visitors who need to transit and park in Lecce’s historic center must first approach the Office of Permits. This office is responsible for issuing ZTL and CUDE permits and provides several essential services, including communication, information, and documentation. They also publish open data specific to the sector, manage the software and hardware for ZTL access control, and offer guided assistance through an operator for permit applications. For disabled individuals without accompaniment or internet access, the office provides administrative support at the user’s home to facilitate permit applications and CUDE badge delivery.

There are different types of ZTL permits available, depending on the duration and nature of access required.

Permanent Permits

These are valid for more than 90 days and must be requested through the Office Protocol via certified email (PEC), registered mail, ordinary mail to [email protected] or the Protocal Office. A fee of €10 must be paid, and the original payment receipt attached to the application. Payment can be made via postal account or bank transfer. The payment must be made to the ccpn 001032070029 or, alternatively, by bank transfer using the IBAN: IT52V0760116000001032070029. The payment must be made out to “Comune di Lecce Rilascio Permessi ZTL”, indicating in the reason for payment the license plate of the car for which the permit is requested The processing time is approximately seven working days from the receipt of the request.

Occasional Permits

to request authorization, simply fill out the form for occasional access on the institutional website and send it by email to  [email protected]  or, alternatively, present it personally to the Protocol Office of Palazzo Carafa.

For the request for OCC type authorizations (occasional access) referred to in art. 15, it is specified that the duration of the authorization for any set-up-organization of authorized events and demonstrations will be 24 hours (from 00.00 to 24.00 on the same day). For weddings that will take place within the ZTL, the duration of the authorization will be from 07.00 in the morning until 21.00. For the accompaniment of pupils of schools located in the ZTL, on the days of the school calendar, the time slot that can be authorised for those who request it will be from 07.30 to 09.00 and from 12.00 to 14.00.
Also with regard to art. 15, with Resolution no. 14 of 01.21.2021, the rate that must be paid by all those who, for exceptional and/or urgent needs duly motivated, must pass through the ZTL outside the permitted hours was changed, with the exception of those who go to their GP or pharmacies located in the Historic Centre.
For the rates to be paid, see the handbook here to the ordinance.

CUDE Permits for Disabled Individuals

Applications for CUDE permits can be submitted via email ([email protected] ) or PEC ([email protected]) or through the in-home administrative support service. This service is available to those who lack accompaniment or internet access. CUDE permits are free and allow vehicles serving disabled persons to access the ZTL without additional authorization.

Application Procedures and Documentation

The forms and detailed instructions for applying for ZTL and CUDE permits are available on the city’s website under the “Modulistica” section or in paper form at the URP office in Piazza Sant’Oronzo. It is crucial to follow the guidelines carefully; incomplete or improperly submitted applications will result in a suspension of the process.

Permanent permits are sent by registered mail to the applicant’s home, while temporary and daily permits, as well as CUDE permits for provincial residents, are sent electronically. If a permit holder’s ZTL pass expires or needs renewal, the old pass must be destroyed immediately, and the office should be informed using the “restitution pass ZTL” form available online. Any use of the pass after its expiration will result in penalties.

Regulatory Compliance

Accidental entry into the ZTL without authorization must be reported within 48 hours using the “Dichiarazione di Transito in ZTL” form, which must be sent to the Municipal Police via fax or email along with supporting documentation. This step is crucial to avoid fines and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Centrale Operativa della Polizia Municipale
Tel: 0832 230050 – 0832 233211 – 0832 233212
Fax: 0832 230859
Email: [email protected]
Numero Verde: 800 848 586

For disabled individuals, CUDE permits offer essential mobility and access. Vehicles serving these individuals can access the ZTL without additional authorization, but must be listed in the authorized vehicle registry to avoid issues during electronic access control.

Over to You

Understanding and adhering to ZTL and CUDE permit regulations is essential for preserving Lecce’s historic center while accommodating modern needs. The city’s website provides comprehensive resources, including downloadable brochures that outline all permit types and detailed regulatory information.

Navigating the permit system may seem complex initially, but with the support services and clear guidelines provided by the Office of Permits, accessing Lecce’s historic center becomes a manageable task. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, following these regulations helps protect the city’s heritage while ensuring it remains accessible to all.

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