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Italian Furniture Store Guide for Shopping in Puglia

Puglia, the picturesque region in southern Italy, is renowned for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. Beyond its captivating scenery, Puglia is also a hub for exquisite furniture craftsmanship, blending traditional styles with contemporary designs. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor looking to enhance your living space, Puglia offers a diverse array of furniture stores, including online, local, and antique/used options. Most stores in the region, even the local ones, provide convenient delivery services, ensuring a seamless experience for shoppers. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best furniture stores in Puglia, each contributing to the region’s unique aesthetic and charm.

Online Italian Furnniture Stores

ManoMano, the leading online marketplace, transformed the DIY and Home Improvement shopping experience since 2013. Founded by Christian Raisson and Philippe de Chanville, it’s now the largest online platform in the sector. With 50 million monthly visits and 7 million users in the EU, ManoMano offers sustainable home improvement solutions. For Italian shoppers, the platform has 5,000 merchants and 16 million items, ensuring a unique and accessible shopping experience. ManoManoPro, introduced in 2019, caters to construction professionals. The platform focuses on environmental responsibility, promoting sustainable products and optimal energy solutions. Join ManoMano’s vibrant community for a unique, sustainable, and inclusive shopping adventure.

Westwing, a Munich-based Home & Living eCommerce platform founded in 2011, is your go-to curated shoppable magazine for furniture shopping. With roots in Munich, the platform, owned by Westwing GmbH, has expanded its influence across 11 European countries. Renowned for its gorgeously unique products sourced from international and local brands, Westwing stands out for its meticulously designed Westwing Collection, ensuring a blend of high quality and affordability. As the European leader in its niche, Westwing operates on an inspiration-driven eCommerce model, fostering a true love brand status among furniture shoppers. The platform’s widespread international presence and tailor-made local sites offer diverse and appealing furniture options. Collaborating with over 5,000 partners, Westwing showcases brands editorially, providing an authentic and aspirational shopping experience. For furniture enthusiasts, Westwing is a source of inspiration through engaging content on social media platforms. As the platform continues its ambitious growth, individuals looking to join a dynamic and innovative workplace in the Home & Living sector are invited to explore career opportunities. Contact information for inquiries or directions to Westwing Group SE’s headquarters is readily available, emphasizing the company’s commitment to transparency and data protection. Westwing is your gateway to a unique furniture shopping experience, reflecting the essence of its diverse and dynamic team.

LOBERON is your online destination for vintage and antique-inspired furniture, seamlessly blending timeless beauty with a touch of nostalgia to create a unique home atmosphere. Their curated collection includes vintage pieces with an austere character and contemporary flair, perfectly complementing soft colors like white or light brown. For those who appreciate the charm of intentional wear, LOBERON offers antique-looking furniture with a vintage or shabby chic style patina, using modern techniques to recreate the retro look of bygone eras. Italian furniture shoppers can explore a wide selection, including valuable antiques from various eras like Biedermeier, Baroque, or Art Nouveau, effortlessly combining them with modern elements for a distinctive and lived-in style. LOBERON celebrates authenticity, where the allure lies in the elegant and evocative nature of small defects, from slightly battered 1950s sofas to antique chests of drawers with chipped lacquer.


Unopiù, an Italian outdoor design leader since 1978, pioneers elegant and functional outdoor furniture with a four-decade legacy. Rooted in Tuscia’s heart, it seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor styles, prioritizing quality and sustainability. Renowned for A Grade teak sourced from certified Indonesian plantations, Unopiù actively engages in reafforestation projects with Treedom. Innovation defines its products, like the C’est La Vie or Solaire lines, showcasing cutting-edge materials. With flagship stores in Milan, Paris, Cannes, Madrid, and Munich, Unopiù leads the luxury sector of Made in Italy, offering a global range and personalized assistance. Experience enduring elegance and innovation in outdoor living with Unopiù.

Large Physical Furniture Stores in Puglia

Maisons Du Monde – Casamassima

Maisons du Monde is kind of like Wayfair in Italy. The renowned French furniture and home decor company founded in Brest in 1996 by Xavier Marie, has made a significant mark in the industry. With nearly 250 stores across France, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland, it has become a go-to destination for diverse and stylish home furnishings. The Casamassima store, situated in the “Power Center” shopping complex at Via Noicattaro, 2.0, 70010 Casamassima (BA), offers a unique experience. With spacious shops showcasing a wide variety of furniture styles, including classic, contemporary, industrial, exotic, and romantic, Maisons du Monde caters to all tastes. The store’s commitment to sustainability is evident through its Corporate Social Responsibility program, aiming to offer increasingly responsible products. With over 2,000 new decorations each year and a strong presence in Europe, Maisons du Monde stands out as a leading brand in the world of home decor.

Conforama – Fasano

Conforama, founded in 1967, is Europe’s second-largest home furnishings retail chain, with over 200 stores globally, including locations in France, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Italy, and Croatia. Specializing in electronics, home and furniture, home improvement, photo finishing, craft supplies, and party supplies, Conforama has become a household name. Despite a turnover of €3.4 billion in 2018, the company faced challenges, leading to a restructuring plan in 2020 with store closures and job losses. In July 2020, Austrian furniture retailer XXX Lutz Group acquired Conforama’s 162 French branches.

Scavolini – Francaville Fontana

Scavolini S.p.A., founded in 1961 in Pesaro, Italy, is a prominent player in the Italian kitchen furniture market for over 50 years, exporting to 50+ countries. Since 2012, Scavolini expanded into the bathroom furniture sector and produces the Diesel living brand under license. With a revenue of 215 million euros in 2017, Scavolini is known for its “La cucina più amata dagli italiani” (“The kitchen most loved by Italians”) slogan. The company has a rich history, including sponsorships in sports (basketball, rugby, chess) and music (Rossini Opera Festival). Their distribution includes over 1,000 stores globally, and Scavolini’s advertising campaigns, featuring notable figures like Raffaella Carrà and Lorella Cuccarini, have contributed to its widespread recognition. The company emphasizes environmental sustainability with initiatives like Scavolini Green Mind. Chef Carlo Cracco became the testimonial in 2016.

Mondo Convenienza – Casamassima & Cavallino

The Italian furniture brand, began in 1985 and has since grown into a major player in the industry. Known for its quality and affordable bed and mattress, the brand also offers diverse furnitures of different styles, from classic to contemporary. With a modern and colorful store format, Mondo Convenienza has expanded across Italy and into Spain. Embracing digital innovation, it provides online sales channels and mobile POS for a seamless shopping experience. Today, with 43 stores in Italy and 3 in Spain, Mondo Convenienza remains committed to simplifying the lives of Italian furniture shoppers through stylish and accessible solutions.

JYSK – Taranto & Potenza

With 2 locations in Puglia, JYSK is an international retail chain renowned for offering a diverse range of products for homes. Founded in 1979 by Lars Larsen, the chain started in Aarhus, Denmark, and rapidly expanded, reaching 3,200 stores across 48 countries. Larsen’s ambition led to the first international store in Germany in 1984. With a focus on providing great offers, JYSK operates in various countries, including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, and more. The company’s turnover in 2022 reached 4.87 billion euros. The term “JYSK” reflects its roots in the Jutland peninsula, symbolizing values like modesty, seriousness, and honesty—attributes associated with Lars Larsen himself.

Local Furniture Stores in Puglia

Nuovarredo – Francaville Fontana, Taranto, Martina Franca, Brindisi, Surano, Parabita, Foggia, Bari, Molfeta, Monopolies, Altamura, Barletta

Established in 1997 in Francavilla Fontana, the furniture store capital of Puglia, Nuovarredo is a prominent Italian furniture brand with 28 shops and a 25-year history. Operating in Puglia, Basilicata, Tuscany, Lazio, and Lombardy, Nuovarredo prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering quality, affordable, and exclusive furnishings. The company’s customer-centric approach includes advertising campaigns, after-sales support, and a significant investment in human resources. Nuovarredo has introduced exclusive product lines like Kasama Cucine, Emmegi, Relaxiamoci, and Magrì Collection. With a robust online presence since 2012, Nuovarredo makes nationwide furniture purchases easily accessible.

CIVICOTRE | Hand made in Italy – Ceglie Messapica

Civicotre is a ustic furniture store in Puglia curated by Michele Carrieri. Born in 1980, Michele, an artist with a journey from the Institute of Art in Grottaglie to a Master’s in Interior Design in Florence, brings over a decade of design and Visual Merchandising experience with multinational companies. His mission is to communicate originality and creative emotions through design. Visitors are invited to explore a collection where rustic charm converges with contemporary design. Michele’s passion ensures each piece is a unique expression of art and emotion. Guests can indulge in a curated selection that captures the essence of Puglia, delivering a truly distinctive design experience under Michele’s expertise.

Orlando Store – Fasano

Established in 1950 by Michele Orlando as a modest shop, Orlando Store has blossomed into a leading home furnishings destination. Under the guidance of Michele’s son, Cataldo Orlando, the store has evolved into a comprehensive company specializing in both indoor and outdoor furniture, along with an extensive range of home essentials. Today, Orlando Store stands as a pinnacle in the home furnishings sector, offering not only furniture but also accessories, objects, and personalized services for special occasions. From wedding favors to graduation gifts, the store caters to every aspect of creating a dream home. The store offers online shopping on its website.

BEHOMECASA – Francaville Fontana

With 12 stores in Italy, Behome, the quintessential Made in Italy brand in the interior design sector, offers tailored furnishing solutions, even online, for an exclusive and personalized home decor experience. The company brings total dedication to technology, the latest trends, and the choice of top-notch materials and components. Moreover, Behome ensures excellent after-sales service, making it a continuously evolving company committed to improving both product and service for its final customers.

Cribel – Francaville Fontana

With a sole location in Fancaville Fontana, Cribel’s 10,000 sqm showroom in Francavilla Fontana caters to diverse furnishing needs. The catalog, spanning modern to classic designs, serves as a visual guide for architects, designers, and customers. The 2022 collection includes Italian designer furniture for indoor and outdoor spaces, with a focus on customization. Cribel’s Contract furniture targets the hospitality sector. With 3375 products and positive customer reviews, Cribel offers diverse services like customization, distribution, and trading. Upholstered furniture, crafted in Italy, reflects their commitment to quality. Tailored design services are provided for hotels, B&Bs, and more. Downloadable catalogs and newsletters keep customers updated on the latest offerings.

John Megastore – Francaville Fontana

John’s Megastore in Francaville Fontana offers an exceptional shopping experience, guided by knowledgeable and patient staff. Customers receive expert advice to find the perfect furniture for their needs. Recent shoppers express satisfaction, vowing to return for future purchases.

Addressing concerns diligently, the store ensures prompt responses to delivery issues. Praised for quality products at reasonable prices, customers commend the store for an enjoyable shopping experience.

Consistently recognized for low prices, excellent quality, and punctual service, John’s Megastore has earned the trust and satisfaction of numerous customers.

Carmelostuni – Atelier D’arredo – Ostuni

Carmelostuni is an Italian furniture atelier redefining customization in furnishings. Collaborating with renowned brands like Rossana, Scic, Eleos Home & Living Divani, they offer tailored solutions for diverse needs. At the heart of their approach is the “Materioteca,” a dedicated space showcasing materials for personalized projects. With a focus on 100% customization, clients can choose colors, finishes, and materials for every object. Carmelostuni’s expertise extends to kitchens, living spaces, outdoor areas, lighting, and more. They emphasize problem-solving and guide clients through a comprehensive design process, ensuring tailored solutions that reflect individual lifestyles. The team, including architects and interior designers, collaborates with clients, bringing visions to life. Carmelostuni’s commitment to quality is evident in their selection of the best Italian and international brands. Located in Ostuni, Italy, they provide a seamless experience from design to execution, prioritizing the client’s unique project and lifestyle.

Habitat Azzarito – Mesagne

Habitat Azzarito, based in Mesagne, Italy, is a distinguished showroom offering furniture and home accessories for over 50 years. They emphasize evocative aesthetics and contemporary style philosophy in home furnishings. The showroom features quality products with impeccable finishes, providing creative living solutions. Habitat Azzarito collaborates with renowned brands like Calligaris, Cappellini, and Cattelanitalia. The showroom hosts events, including special promotions and introduces new collections, such as the SPAZIO EDRA. The company also has another store in San Michele Salentino (BR) for appliances.

Used Furniture Stores in Puglia

Mercatino duepuntozero – Casarano

Discover a furniture lover’s paradise at this well-organized market. With a diverse selection ranging from ethnic treasures to modern pieces, it caters to various styles. The mezzanine floor adds to the experience with furniture and appliances. Enjoy the clean and organized displays, helpful staff, and a mix of antique and contemporary designs. Whether you’re after a vintage statement piece or a modern addition, this market offers an affordable and eclectic selection, making it a must-visit for furniture enthusiasts.

Matrioska Il Mercatino dell’Usa – Brindisi 

Brindisi’s is has quite a few flea market stores and has become a popular destination for those in search of furniture and vintage items. One of the most popular store is called Matrioska Mercatino which offers helpful and kind nature of the staff, diverse selections, affordability, and well-maintained inventory, The market has established itself as a reliable source for a range of items, including furniture, electronics, and vintage treasures, solidifying its popularity in Brindisi.

Defeo Flea Market – Bari

DeFeo Flea Market in Bari is the hub for Italian design and rarities. Specializing in unique new and used objects, De Feo, led by a team of architects, antique dealers, enthusiasts, and collectors, offers a curated selection of vintage pieces and modern antiques. The online store showcases authenticated, restored, and functional products, including furnishing elements, watches, jewelry, electronics, and collectibles from around the world. With a focus on Apulian artisan artists, DeFeo is the go-to place for exclusive collections. If you have items to sell, the team company provides seamless evaluation and immediate payment upon sale also.

Franca Ville & Ostuni Antique Market Events

Associazione Zacaredde is a dynamic organization engaging in the promotion of antique and artisanal markets in the Brindisi province. They organizes events that bring together antiquarians and artisans, fostering a vibrant marketplace. From Mesagne, Francavilla Fontana, to Ostuni, Zacaredde hots moves around to different towns on different days . For event details and upcoming events, check out their facebook page to tay tuned.

Grand Vintage – Online Store

Grand Vintage stands as the premier destination for curated vintage treasures, catering to both customers and antique dealers. With a diverse range of unique pieces, it aims to be the go-to marketplace for furniture, art, antiques, and vintage items. For customers, it offers an extensive collection, from antiques to modern pieces, eliminating limits on experiencing the charm of the past. For antique dealers, Grand Vintage provides a hassle-free platform to digitize their business, allowing them to focus on selecting items and setting prices. The commitment to excellence is evident through rigorous article vetting, strategic logistics partnerships for secure transport, and secure payments via trusted partners Banca Sella and Paypal. Founded by internet professionals passionate about vintage, Grand Vintage is led by Olivier Cater, bringing business expertise, and Serge Bésanger, an international finance strategist overseeing global development and partnerships. Discover a world where passion for the past meets the convenience of the present. – Online Marketplace

We have to mention Subito, Italy’s premier digital platform for seamless buying and selling experiences, was established in Milan in 2007 and has rapidly ascended to become one of the country’s top 10 most frequented online brands, attracting 11 million monthly users. Our dedicated commitment revolves around providing users, both individuals, and professionals, with a straightforward, expeditious, and secure online marketplace. With an intuitive interface and a diverse, quality-assured product range, Subito ensures great deals daily. As part of the Adevinta group, operating successfully in 12 countries, Subito delivers service excellence, reaching 1.3 billion users monthly. For reliable, hassle-free transactions and a swift path to your desires, Subito is the go-to destination where immediate fulfillment becomes a reality.


Puglia’s furniture stores, whether online, local, or antique, contribute to the region’s distinct charm and elegance. From the curated collections of online platforms like GrandVintage and Nuovarredo to the artisanal offerings of local stores like Habitat and Cribel, each establishment reflects the fusion of tradition and innovation that defines Puglian craftsmanship. For those seeking a glimpse into Puglia’s rich history, antique and used stores like Materoska and Defeo offer a diverse array of vintage pieces that carry the stories of generations past. Whether you’re a resident of Puglia or a visitor looking to bring a piece of this enchanting region into your home, exploring these furniture stores will undoubtedly unveil the timeless beauty you are looking for.



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