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As a family dependent, can I work with receipt of Permisso di Soggiorno / Carta di Soggiorno?

In a significant update to immigration regulations, the Ministry of Labour has announced that applicants for family permits in Italy can now commence work activities as soon as they file their application. This new directive marks a departure from the previous requirement of waiting until the residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) is issued, providing much-needed flexibility and relief for both applicants and employers. R

Traditionally, family permit applicants were obligated to wait for several months until they received their residence permit before being eligible to engage in work activities. This waiting period often posed challenges for individuals and families seeking to establish themselves in Italy, delaying their ability to contribute economically and integrate into society.

However, the recent clarification from the Ministry of Labour brings about a welcome change. Now, applicants need not wait for the physical residence permit to be in their hands before seeking employment. Instead, the receipt of application issued by the post office (ricevuta postale) serves as sufficient authorization to begin working as an employee or self-employed in Italy.

This adjustment not only streamlines the process for family permit applicants but also benefits employers seeking to hire skilled individuals or family members shortly after their arrival in the country. By eliminating unnecessary delays, businesses can efficiently onboard new employees and capitalize on their contributions without undue waiting periods.

The move reflects a progressive approach to immigration policy, recognizing the importance of facilitating the integration of newcomers into the workforce and society at large. It underscores Italy’s commitment to fostering a welcoming environment for immigrants and promoting their successful settlement and participation in the labor market.

For prospective applicants, this development opens up new opportunities and avenues for immediate engagement in the Italian workforce. It alleviates the financial strain associated with prolonged waiting periods and empowers individuals and families to establish themselves more swiftly in their new home.

Moreover, the revised regulations signal a broader shift towards more efficient and applicant-friendly immigration procedures, paving the way for smoother transitions and enhanced experiences for newcomers to Italy.

In conclusion, the Ministry of Labour’s decision to allow family permit applicants to start work immediately upon filing their application represents a positive step forward in immigration policy. By removing unnecessary barriers and facilitating early integration into the labor market, Italy reaffirms its commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and economic prosperity for all.

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